Trace Minerals

All the fertME fertiliser blends can include trace minerals customised to suit your farm, targeted to optimise plant nutrition, soil biology or animal health.

‘it’s all about Yield and Nutrition’

The Futurespread application system processes and fluidises all the components into one blend immediately prior to application eliminating the risk of products going lumpy or damp during storage and transportation.The flexibility offered in this sytem opens up many new opportunities as dry or liquid trace minerals can be used and applied in one pass accurately and evenly across the land saving you time and money.

What is it your stock are eating?

Where over the years pasture and crop yields have been increased with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilisers without accompanied repletion of trace minerals, the content of many of the trace minerals in feedstuffs has decreased over time. This is especially true for shallow-rooted pasture species and crops. A futurespread consultant will always ask for ‘Animal diet mineral balance’ report from Hill Laboratories Ltd. when doing your herbage tests, so we can determine what your animals are really eating.

At Futurespread we offer you the opportunity to balance fertiliser blends to supplement the plant, the soil biology or the animal as required.

‘Smart fertilisers’