Soil Tests

Soil and Herbage Testing

To make an informed decision on the nutrient requirements for your farm it is important that you have the most up to date information possible. Soil testing should be carried out every two years, be taken in the same month of the year, and follow the same transit lines each time within the property. By following these few simple rules clear trends can be observed, which provides valuable information on which to base your decisions.

Herbage tests of pasture go hand in hand with soil tests and allow important trace nutrients to be adjusted for improved animal health.

Futurespread® can help you by arranging for soil and herbage tests to be carried out on your property and sent to Hill Laboratories Ltd, or your desired testing service.

Interpretation and Recommendation

Many factors come into consideration when developing a fertiliser program specific to your farm. These include the farmers production goals, the need to sustain the environment, and meeting the animal’s requirements for production and good health.

Getting the most from soil and herbage tests is an exacting science, and Futurespread® can arrange for your tests to be independently interpreted by a leading consultancy service, so you can be assured and have piece of mind that your fertiliser program is taking all these important factors into account.