What makes Futurespread and fertME fertilisers different?

Custom engineered and designed by Dr Bert Quin of Quin Environmentals (NZ) Ltd., for optimum nutrient uptake via the foliage and through the root zone, as well as stimulating the soil biology. fertME  fertilisers are the next step forward in fertiliser technology.

We call them ‘smart fertilizers’.

  • fertME® fertiliser products use traditional NPK components and processes them to enhance plant uptake.
  • The blends are specifically formulated and processed to ensure that the plant is fed via the soil and the leaf for optimum results.
  • Eco – friendly.
  • Addition of fine lime and  patented technology ‘Avail’ to specific phosphate blends to both  maintain optimum soil pH levels, decrease P fixation and enhance P uptake.
  • Better for the environment and especially important to farmers who face a cap on nutrient applications.
  • Trace minerals can be easily added and customised to your farm.
  • Great for when plants are under stress conditions like cold ground temperatures, waterlogged soils or frosts.
  • Add grass seed, clover seed, crop seed, slug bait, or  weed sprays and save money on multiple application costs.
  • A range of products that can be adjusted to suit the needs of Biological or Certified Organic farming systems.
  • Futurespread can safely and accurately apply fine powdered, moist or unevenly sized products that could block equipment or bridge in conventional ground spread or aircraft hoppers.

So now you can use the fertilisers in a form that are going to give a quick response, provide a good return on your money and spread them accurately on your property – not the neighbours.

Have the most efficient fertiliser and apply it only on your property and not drifting to the neighbours!

‘fertilisers for the future’