Our Process

This simple five step process helps you get the most from the Futurespread system and the FertME range, a major breakthrough in application and fertiliser technology. Designed specifically to enhance fertiliser uptake by the plant, through the soil and foliage!


A Futurespread® consultant will arrange a time to visit on farm perform a Visual Soil Assessment, brix test, review history and gain an understanding of your farm. The soil type, structure and biology are all important components in making a sound sustainable fertiliser recommendation.


Soil or herbage tests will be collected and sent for analysis at Hill Laboratories Ltd., Hamilton or a testing service of your choice. If you have recent tests they could be used.


A FertM.E.® fertiliser recommendation is developed to address nutrient and trace element requirements, customised to your farm, and by working along side you is tuned to meet your farming objectives. Production expectations, animal health issues, sustainability, and budget constraints are all considered.


When you accept the recommendation the order is placed. We look after the blending, delivery and arrange application to suit your farm calendar.


Records are updated into the Futurespread ‘Farm  QualityAssurance Program®’, a computer database  that records all soil and herbage tests,  fertiliser applications and any pasture monitoring carried out on your farm.