fastgrassME is a soil and foliar Nitrogen nutrient delivery system for a boost in pasture drymatter. It is ideal for use in plant stress conditions such as waterlogged or cold soils where absorption via the root zone slows.

Depending on climatic conditions, responses from traditional nitrogen systems can vary considerably. Futurespread fastgrassME fluidised nitrogen offers options to optimise results depending on the conditions at the time. Trace elements are added and a urease inhibitor for control of volatilisation.

fastgrassME - Solution nitrogen with urease inhibitor

(applied by Futurespread boom spray)


fastgrassME – Nhance fluidised nitrogen with urease inhibitor

fastgrassME – sulphate of ammonia & lime with minerals

fastgrassME – Moana 15% organic N & lime

fastgrassME blends can be enhanced with sulphur, trace minerals, humates, gibberellic acid, or another compatible product of your choice.

A one pass application system that delivers the results for a boost in drymatter production.

‘Smart Fertilisers’