limeME sets a new standard for liming products on pastural land. Developed by Dr Bert Quin, now the opportunity exists to economically apply lime on hill country and bring land back into production with out the huge capital outlay of bulk aglime. All this with the confidence that there is science to back up your decision, not smoke and mystery.

Now you can expect more pasture without the huge capital expense of bulk aglime every 3 – 5 years by just adding our ‘zero coarse’ limeME and patented AlpHa in the annual fertiliser application.

The particle size of the lime used is critical to the speed of response because of the contact surface area to the soil. The finer or smaller the particle is, then so does the contact surface increase and ability the lime to be washed into the top 25mm of the soil profile, where it will do it’s work.

limeME liming and balancing products use the highest purity products of high neutralising value, with a reduced particle size of less than 100 micron for a faster more effective response by the pasture and the soil microbiology. All limeME blends can have trace minerals added for improved plant responses, as an aid to animal health and as a food source to the soil microbiology. Futurespread can apply this lime accurately, evenly and safely across your farm with no dust to drift away.

Typical application of limeME on clover

You get all the lime you’ve paid for, in the most effective form on your farm not the neighbours!

‘Fertilisers for the future’