How much lime is needed, and how fine does it need to be?

From an agronomic efficiency perspective, lime should be fine – meaning minus 100 microns. Lime has been typically sold and applied in much coarser form simply because of spreading, dust and safety issues. Infrequent heavy applications of coarse ‘aglime’ were more convenient for solid application, but lead to a zig-zag effect on soil pH, especially in the critical 50-100mm depth, which greatly increases the risk of aluminum toxicity. Superfine lime (below 40 microns) is extremely expensive to produce, and confers no agronomic advantages over fine lime.

Futurespread uses 100 micron fine lime which is relatively inexpensive, yet fine enough to rapidly correct soil acidity and aluminum toxicity, and stimulate soil microbiological activity and organic matter turnover.

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