The hilltopME range engineered and designed by Dr Bert Quin to be the most cost effective way to increase and maintain farm productivity on drystock farms, by optimising both metabolisable energy and protein for stock growth.

All the blends can be customised using fluidising technology to meet the specific requirements of your farm or animals.

‘Our focus is to to deliver Yield and Nutrition’

hilltopME represents a more cost effective alternative for farms currently using reverted superphosphate (Dicalcic). hilltopME maintains calcium and pH levels in the soil, reduces aluminum toxicity, stimulates soil micro-biology to release valuable soil nutrients and trace elements for animal health, and growing strong resilient and palatable pastures.

hilltopME 1- 8 – 0 – 7 + 31 Ca

The base blend, a more concentrated option than reverted superphosphate with the added bonus of sustained release elemental sulphur plus trace elements for optimised stock health.

hilltopME Potash 2 -7 -7 – 7 + 24 Ca (for intensive beef and sheep)

The base hilltopME blend with potassium, additional nitrogen and trace elements.

hilltopME Hi-N Potash 7 – 7 – 7 – 7 + 21 Ca

hilltopME blend with a boost of nitrogen for building up that pasture reserve when you need it

Magnesium can be added to any of the above blends.

‘Smart fertilisers’