DairyMe Fertilisers

The dairyME range of fertilisers has been specifically designed by Dr Bert Quin to meet the demands of the modern dairy farm. It meets farmer expectations in delivering the base nutrients (PKS) for sustainable production plus lime for maintenance of pH, all in a form that promotes soil biology and improved animal health.

‘our focus is Yield and Nutrition’

All blends of fertilisers can be further customised to suit your farm with further minerals and trace elements for maximising plant growth and animal health.

dairyME  4 – 8 – 8 – 7 + 20 Ca

The base blend suppling the essential elements in one easy package.

dairyME Hi-N     8 – 8 – 8 – 7 + 16 Ca

Added nitrogen for an added boost to pasture at the same time as appling fertiliser.

dairyME  Hi-N  Hi-K      7 – 7 – 14 – 6 + 13 Ca

Added potassium in sulphate form for increased clover production.

Magnesium  can be added to any of the above blends as required.

‘Smart Fertilisers’