Biological & Certified Organic

Futurespread can supply and add Biological and Certified organic products  that can be easily customised to your needs.

Ensure products are manufactured to the standards and criteria expected by Organic certification where applicable.

  • Liquid chelates
  • BioLime
  • Animal manures
  • Biological activated (composted) RPR
  • Seaweed – Kelp
  • Sea Water
  • Molassas
  • Liquid fertilisers
  • Compost Tea

Plus … you could add seed!

Plantain, chickory, alfafa, forage crops, herbal lay, grasses and clovers.

Futurespread has the ability to apply solid and liquid products together using the fluidising process. One pass applications of solid and liquid components mixed on farm saves time and money.

‘smart fertilisers’