Avail – Phosphorus Fertiliser Enhancer

Avail has been developed by American research company SFP and has been shown to protect the phosphate fertiliser applied to the soil from locking up, making it more available to the plant.

Improving availability of phosphate leads to better rooting, increased plant metabolism and ultimately greater yields.

Avail has been hailed as the biggest development in fertilisers for a generation, and is set to become an important tool in optimum pasture and crop nutrition.

Research has shown 75 to 95 percent of phosphorus in the soil is tied up, or fixed, in the soil. Up to 50% of every new application of fertiliser P is fixed before plants can use it.

Ā AVAIL is a revolutionary technology that helps solve the long-standing problem of poor phosphate availability. AVAIL provides: Greater phosphate efficiencies improved yield potential increased profitability. Research work is under way to establish how AVAIL reduces maintenance phosphate fertiliser. Preliminary results strongly suggest that up to 50% reduction is possible, however a number of studies have shown that using recommended phosphorus rates plus the AVAIL technology can lead to higher yields and increased profitability.

The Futurespread Fluidising technology is ideally suited to evenly incorporate and accurately apply AVAILĀ® with phosphorus fertilisers.