AlpHa – limes perfect partner

AlpHa is a unique product targeted to precipitate the toxic soluble aluminium, manganese and iron present in the soil therefore reducing the need for capital dressings of agricultural lime (aglime), and should be used annually as an integral part of the farm fertiliser and liming program in low pH soils affected with aluminium toxicity. AlpHa allows the optimum soil pH for pasture growth to be lowered from 5.7 to nearer 5.0. This greatly reduces, or in fact normally eliminates, capital lime requirements, and allows production to be optimized with far less maintenance lime and dollar spend.

Return hill country into profitable productive pastures.

- Good pasture growth with pH levels as low as 5.0

- Eliminate aluminium toxicity

- Cost effective

- No need for massive capital spends on aglime

- Safe and environmentally friendly

Where an alternative to a costly cash outlay is sought or farm budgets simply do not permit a capital application of lime, the solution is to incorporate AlpHa with the annual maintenance limeME or hilltopME application.

An application of as little as 2 litres per hectare annually of AlpHa and 100kg of limeME will maintain a healthy, non-toxic soil and ensure maximum response to fertiliser nutrients, especially if these are applied in fluidised form, to allow both foliar and root uptake.