Are you looking for credible fertiliser alternatives, that are backed up with science not Mystery?

The way forward… and backed up with science not mystery

Futurespread adds a new dimension to fertiliser, lime and its application, by offering a new range of products designed specifically for fluidised application. By utilising the most up-to-date scientific knowledge and selected mineral forms, trace elements and efficiency additives, you can grow grass that’s high in nutrients, digestibility and metabolisable energy.

fertME – Multiple Elements  – the key to Metabolisable Energy

The fertME range of fluidised fertilisers have been designed by Futurespread and Dr Bert Quin (independant consultant to Futurespread) literally from the ground up, to increase and maintain your farm’s soil fertility and productivity by distilling the latest scientific and technical knowledge in nutrient forms, foliar and root uptake, trace elements and efficiency additives. In addition, our ‘zero-coarse’ lime is quick-acting and far more efficient that normal aglime, and can be added to any fertME fertiliser for a cost-effective one-pass application.

Benefits provided by the fertME range:

  • Maximum nutrient efficiency, by careful selection of nutrient forms.
  • Optimised range of particle sizes for individual nutrients, to provide the most efficient combination of foliar and root uptake for each.
  • Avoidance of costly, inefficient, excessive overgrinding as found in FPA.
  • Minimises water content, typically 75% solids!
  • Dust-free accurate placement, protecting the environment.
  • Safe addition of grass and forage crop seed to lime-fertiliser blends.
  • Easy incorporation of liquid and solid additives, for organic and biological farms and improved efficiency on all farms.
  • Carefully assessed addition of appropriate trace elements to stimulate soil biological activity.
  • No-problem addition of any minerals as prescribed by your veterinarian of consultant for animal health

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